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Una aparición fantasmal fue captada por las cámaras de seguridad de una tienda walmart.
fantasmas, misterios,terror,videos de fantasmas

Escalofriante video captaron las cámaras de vigilancia en la habitación de un bebe, un extraño rostro lo observa de cerca...
misterios,videos de fantasmas, fantasmas, paranormal

Cámaras de seguridad de una estación de tren en china captaron un extraño suceso en uno de los andenes...
fantasmas, videos de fantasmas, reales

Top 10 recopilación de videos de fantasmas.
Top10 scary ghost videos compilation

Videos de fantasmas

El: 6/01/2018

Un ente fantasmal fue captado en la prisión de Bodmin en Inglaterra, donde en años anteriores fue lugar de ejecuciones de criminales notables.

The haunting clip appears to show a ghostly figure look directly at the camera at Bodmin Jail in Cornwall - where notorious criminals used to be executed.

Extraño ser oscuro (Shadow people) fue captado en video en el sotano de una persona en Pennsylvania U.S.

For the last few months there have been weird bangs and noises in our basement. constantly sounds like someone is walking up and down our steps. My wife has been thinking its our cats, seeing how their litter box is in the basement. This night however the cats were upsatirs in my daughters room, and my dog can be heard whiney about the basement noise while hes in his cage in the kitchen. this thing i caught on camera i am at a loss over. i am now terrified in this house.
Shadow person caught on camera dec 15 2016

Una extraña criatura o fantasma fue filmada por una cámara CCTV.

A strange creature or ghost was filmed by a CCTV camera.
fantasmas, videos de fantasmas, sobrenatural, paranormal

La inquietante grabación de un amigo imaginario...
misterios, investigaciones

Duende saluda a niño en la escuela...
duendes, duende, misterios, sobrenatural, paranormal

5 of the creepiest documentary films you can watch right now...

Extrañas cosas suceden en los bosques...
misterios,fantasmas,videos de fantasmas

Extraños sonidos captados por el intercomunicador de un bebé...

Otro video de actividad poltergeist en un colegio de Irlanda.
NEW GHOST caught on camera?, fantasma,videos de fantasmas, paranormal,videos

Actividad paranormal captada por las cámaras de seguridad de un colegio en Cork Irlanda.
fantasmas,ghost,ghosts,videos de fantasmas

Extraño objeto o creatura es captada por las cámaras de seguridad en una escuela de Guanajuado México.
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Un escalofríante video captado por las cámaras de seguridad de una prisión en Campo Grande Brasil, capta el momento en el que una sombra recorre y trepa las paredes de las celdas de dicha prisión.

This spooky footage appears to show a mysterious black spectre float through the walls of a maximum-security prison .

Creepy CCTV captures the apparition drift up from the ground and into the jail where lags have been hanged in the past.

Stunned staff at Campo Grande prison in Brazil raised the security alarm after mistaking the spirit for a prisoner trying to escape. But the eerie footage was shared on social media this week and spooked viewers are sure the spectre is a ghost.
fantasmas,sobrenatural, paranormal,terror,videos de fantasmas

Una persona que filmaba con su celular en un hospital capto a una extraña silueta humanoide asomandose desde uno de los cuartos donde se encuentran los pacientes.

This chilling footage from inside a haunted hospital. In the clip a ghostly apparition appears out of nowhere in a dimly lit corridor lined with stretchers.

Las cámaras de seguridad de un bar que se situa en el Bay Hotel en New South Wales, Australia. Captan a una extraña sombra flotando en el área de las mesas.

Bizarre CCTV footage has captured the moment a 'ghost' is spotted wandering around an empty bar. The spirit was spotted at The Shaws Bay Hotel in New South Wales, Australia.
fantasmas,videos de fantasmas,sobrenatural

A prolific ghost hunter claims he may have seen the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I.

Steve Wesson, founder of UK Ghost Hunts, says he caught a ghost resembling the Virgin Queen on camera when he visited a stately home nearly 500 years after she stayed there. The 44-year-old planted cameras around Strelley Hall in Nottinghamshire with his nine-strong team of crack ghostbusters.

He claims one in the basement captured a translucent figure appearing for ten seconds before vanishing into thin air. He said: 'There is nothing plausible that it could be apart from an apparition.

There was no one around, I just can't explain it. 'I have been through so many hours of footage and never seen anything like that before - it's just amazing.'

UK Ghost Hunts lead investigator Vicky Grant added: 'I think the figure looks like a female as when you look closely it's almost like a flowing dress.' Mr Wesson claims Elizabeth visited the house during her reign from 1558 to 1603 but there was no record of the visit because it was supposed to be secret.

He said: 'Apparently Queen Elizabeth I slept above where this was taken as that's where the old rooms were.
fantasmas,sobrenatural, paranormal, misterios

5 terroríficos casos de actividad poltergeist captados en video...

5 creepy poltergeist caught on tape.
These 5 clips are believed to show poltergeists caught on video.

Number 5 - Party Shop Poltergeist
Number 4 - Carlisle Castle Hotel Poltergeist
Number 3 - Shopping Cart
Number 2 - Poltergeist Caught On Surveillance
Number 1 - Poltergeist In The Attic

Thank you for watching!

Cámara de seguridad de un hospital en Rosario Argentina capto como una camilla se mueve por si sola...

Eerie footage has emerged showing a hospital trolley moving on its own in the courtyard of a medical facility in Argetina. The apparent paranormal activity was caught on CCTV at a provincial hospital of the city of Rosario, in the north-eastern province of Santa Fe.

It shows an unattended stretcher on wheels suddenly start to drift forwards. Over a few seconds it gets quite feisty, eventually zooming about so much that it crashes off the hard courtyard on to a patch of grass.
fantasmas,videos de fantasmas

Extraño rostro de apariencia demoníaca aparece cuando se le realiza un escaneo 4D a una mujer...

This is the eerie moment the face of a 'guardian angel' appears on the 4D scan of a baby girl in the womb.
fantasmas, misterios,sobrenatural,paranormal

Recopilación de videos donde personas son perseguidas por objetos o entidades difíciles de explicar...

Guardias de seguridad de un instituto de brasil captan terrorífica actividad poltergeist mientras hacian un recorrido de vigilancia, dicho intituto de localiza en la localidad de Cuiabá y es encargado de las necropsias y temas relacionado con la médicina forence de la policía.

The Instituto
Médico Legal, better known by its acronym IML, is a Brazilian institute responsible for necropsies and cadaveric reports to the Scientific Police of a certain State in the area of Legal Medicine. It is a public body subordinated to the Secretary of State for Public Security.