Humanoid Cryptid Sighting In Sumatra Indonesia / Humanoide Captado por Motociclistas en Indonesia

Un extraño ser humanoide (Orang Pendek) fue captado por motociclistas en Sumatra indonesia, al ver a la extraña criatura los motociclistas persiguen al extraño ser y este se pierde entre la maleza...

A bizarre video from Sumatra appears to show a group of dirt bike riders encounter a diminutive entity that leaves them stunned as it scurries away. The incident allegedly occurred on the outskirts of the country's capital city of Banda Aceh and was purportedly filmed by one of the riders as they barreled down a dirt trail. In the odd footage, the group suddenly comes to a stop when one of the riders has fallen off of his bike, ostensibly because he had just spotted the small 'being' that can briefly be seen in front of them. Presumably just as surprised as the bikers, the entity runs away from them, but one brave rider chases after the mysterious being. The pursuit does not last too long as the entity manages to dash into some tall grass and subsequently vanish from sight.
Possible Humanoid Cryptid Sighting In Sumatra Indonesia ORANG PENDEK HOBBIT, Biker Knocked Over By Mysterious Humanoid Being

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