Russian spaceship burns up over Dubai / Nave Espacial Rusa Cae sobre Dubai

Extraordinary video has emerged of parts of an unmanned Russian spaceship burning over Dubai.
In video filmed on Monday evening (October 16) by Dublin-based IT professional Mikhail Pozdeyev, a meteor-like object can be seen burning through the sky.
Pozdeyev writes: "My first thought that it was a plane, but shortly afterwards I doubted that as it was crossing the sky faster and leaving a glare - I told my wife that it must be a nuclear rocket.
"People around were also a bit shocked looking at this object crossing the sky. For a minute after the video I seriously thought that we should expect a sound blast coming our way and see a mushroom-like cloud on the horizon, so I rushed to ask for the bill.
"Fortunately, none of this happened and later in the evening I have googled this and confirmed that it was a blunt angle meteor entering the atmosphere."
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