Cazafantasmas Filman el Espíritu de la Reina Elizabeth I / Ghostbuster's film the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I at a stately home

A prolific ghost hunter claims he may have seen the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I.

Steve Wesson, founder of UK Ghost Hunts, says he caught a ghost resembling the Virgin Queen on camera when he visited a stately home nearly 500 years after she stayed there. The 44-year-old planted cameras around Strelley Hall in Nottinghamshire with his nine-strong team of crack ghostbusters.

He claims one in the basement captured a translucent figure appearing for ten seconds before vanishing into thin air. He said: 'There is nothing plausible that it could be apart from an apparition.

There was no one around, I just can't explain it. 'I have been through so many hours of footage and never seen anything like that before - it's just amazing.'

UK Ghost Hunts lead investigator Vicky Grant added: 'I think the figure looks like a female as when you look closely it's almost like a flowing dress.' Mr Wesson claims Elizabeth visited the house during her reign from 1558 to 1603 but there was no record of the visit because it was supposed to be secret.

He said: 'Apparently Queen Elizabeth I slept above where this was taken as that's where the old rooms were.
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